Interview met Raymond Olofsen, operational manager bij Van den Brinks

Van den Brinks is a contract cleaner that operates predominantly in the very centre of The Netherlands (The Veluwe). The company was founded in 1965 and offers the following services: general cleaning, window cleaning, floor maintenance, house clearances and façade cleaning.

The majority of their customer base consists of offices, schools and appartement blocks (staircases).

Van den Brinks has been an early adopter of our Reflex system and has been using it every since the first generation of Reflex was launched.

Olofsen: “We used to use a traditional double bucket + wringer system with flat mops but this led to too many “methodical” errors and poor cleaning results in general.”

“The moment we switched to the Reflex system we also stopped using cleaning chemicals altogether. This helped our cleaning operators in reducing methodical errors but it is also better for their health in particular and the environment in general.”

“The cleaning results were vastly improving and our operators can work far more efficiently with less water and no chemicals. This means that they can attend to a wider variety of tasks in the foreseen timeframe.”

Olofsen: “The Reflex system is also much lighter in use than the traditional flat mopping systems we used to use. Our cleaning operators no longer have to wring out mops or use heavy mop presses. The mop handle, squeegee and pre-impregnated mop cloths are very light in use and easy to transport.”

Thanks to these ergonomical features of the Reflex system, Van den Brinks saw a significant reduction of their absenteeism numbers as staff no longer suffers from RSI complaints.

Olofsen: we also almost don’t do any mechanical deep cleaning anymore because the Reflex system prevents any build-up of residu on the floors.

In summary, Van den Brinks is very pleased with the Reflex system because it significantly improves the quality of the work which in its turn results in happier customers. Their customer satisfaction scores have been going up every since they started with Reflex! In addition, they also have happier ánd healthier cleaning operators who enjoy working with our system.

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