Extremely effective cleaning without chemicals thanks to Rekola Reflex

In times when cleaning and hygiene seem more important than ever, it is imperative to opt for a robust cleaning system that delivers results time after time. Reflex from Rekola proves that this can also be done in an environmentally friendly and time saving manner. We are now ready for the third generation of this mopping system that proves that residue is a thing of the past.

Optimal cleaning made easy

Why would you improve a product that already provides excellent cleaning results? The answer is as simple as it is logical: to make things even easier for the user. “It is actually a further perfection of the system that is already known for its good cleaning results ”, says Sales Director at Rekola Karel-Jan Boel. “The mop cloths of the Reflex Generation 3 or G3 have a plastic edge that simplifies changing the mopcloth. Nothing has changed in the microfibre as it is already exceptionally good. ”


The Rekola mopcloths are made of UMF, UltraFine Microfibre. This is a super fine split microfibre, which ensures better capillary action. Sometimes with amazing results. “With the Reflex system, dirt is literally removed from surfaces, without the use of any cleaning chemicals. We experienced this at a healthcare institution where we cleaned a shower cubicle in a patient room without chemicals. The original colour of the tile became visible again after removing years of accumulated residue caused by incorrect cleaning methods. ”

The mopcloth already does such an efficient job that it is not necessary to use any cleaning chemicals. The cloths must be pre-moistened in a box and are then ready for use. By eliminating chemicals, environmental gains can be achieved, job related health complaints from staff are prevented and you avoid system errors. After all, there is no question of overdosing, because you do not use any cleaning chemicals in the first place. “Incidentally, the results when used in combination with natural products such as ozone water and osmosis water can be called extra good. An optimal work programme according to the Residue Free Cleaning philosophy is as follows: daily cleaning with Reflex, periodic floor maintenance with machines, in combination with (eg ozone) water. A guaranteed clean result, without chemicals. ”


The strength of the Reflex system is the combination of the Power Squeegee and the mop cloth. The Power Squeegee allows to selectively apply pressure to a limited part of the fabric. This provides an increase in surface pressure that is as much as eighty times higher compared to a traditional flat mop system. Boel: “This ensures more efficient cleaning with less effort in less time. Because the contact with the surface to be cleaned is limited, the user does not have to exert additional force. This offers ergonomic advantages and contributes to the prevention of RSI. It reduces complaints of the back, shoulders and arms. ”

The system saves time because of the large surface area of the mop cloth that can be used. The mop cloth can be used on two sides. By lifting the squeegee and placing it on a clean part of the cloth, you can work with a fresh and clean part. In this way, users can cover a gigantic surface with just one mop cloth. “Because the mop cloth is also very light, without sacrificing dirt absorption, many can be washed at the same time. “This way you can do the laundry 40 to 80 percent more efficiently than with traditional flat mops. After all, you can put a larger volume of cloths in the same washing machine. Research by Weber & Leucht also shows that the Reflex mops score well on the microfibre shedding, ”says Boel. He continues: “Every mop, large or small, leaves behind microplastics during use and washing. Depending on the quality of the mop cloth, that is either a lot or a little. If you care about the environment, choose a high-quality cloth. If you also clean without chemicals, the environmental benefit is double. ”


Research results tell us that the Reflex system cleans very well. Independent tests indicate that 99.9% of the bacteria are removed and 93.8% of all dirt or extremely contaminated floors are removed in only one movement. Ultimately, the practical applicability, the cost and the effectiveness are the main factors that determine why people choose a specific cleaning system. Boel: “It is no coincidence that the Rekola system was developed in Scandinavia and is used a lot there. You could almost see that as a kind of quality label. ” The fact is that hygiene standards in the Nordic countries are considered to be very high. Reflex can contribute to raising the standard across Europe. “That is why Generation 3 was also developed together with our users. We can research and implement it, but if it doesn't work in practice, we will miss our target. ” And with that, Boel says that an excellent cleaning result is always an interaction between man and material.


Taking all of the above into consideration, you could say that Reflex excels in simplicity. That also seems to be the key concept when considering the entire Rekola range. Rekola is already a well known brand for work trolleys for well over 30 years. It is therefor logical that the development in this product group is also not standing still. “The materials remain durable and can take a beating. Nothing changes there. What distinguishes us more and more is the multi-usability of the vehicles, ”says Boel proudly. “We believe that the trolley should be tailored to the customer's cleaning process, not the other way around. The cart is configured on the basis of the work programme. You only want to bring mops and cloths? No problem. You also want to take a compact scrubber drier with you? Even that is possible. ” The modular trolley is the trolley of the future, that much is clear.

Appeared first in Clean Totaal on the 7th of May, 2020:


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