Rekola Business Partner Day by Nordic Cleaning

On 23 February, Benelux distributor Nordic Cleaning from the Netherlands organized the Rekola Business Partner Day. A personal meeting day for dealers from the Netherlands and Belgium. They discussed cooperation, shared knowledge and talked about innovative market and product developments. "The reactions of the dealers were constructive and positive. How can we better cooperate, communicate and strengthen each other. That is already the noticeable result of this day”, says Jan van Triest, Creative Cleaning Consultant at Nordic Cleaning.

On 23 February, Benelux distributor Nordic Cleaning from the Netherlands organized the Rekola Business Partner Day.

As of 1 January 2017, Nordic Cleaning is importer / distributor for the Benelux of the Finnish brand Rekola, which consists of the Reflex Cleaning concept, Rekola Motion Trolleys and Addon Accessories. Nordic Cleaning is a relative new in the market with Rekola, but the person behind the company; Jan van Triest already has extensive experience in and knowledge of the cleaning industry.

Nordic Cleaning wants to start a revolution in the cleaning industry with Rekola, looking at all aspects of the total cleaning process and making their dealers and customers aware of it. Responding to ergonomics, environment, sustainability, quality improvement, efficiency and minimal use of raw materials. Innovation from the human aspect point of view. No hard selling but heart selling.

Physical overload

Physical overload and in particular repetitive strain injury (RSI) is a common and recurring problem with manual cleaning. Handling (flat) mops is physically heavy and with the product line of Rekola, Nordic Cleaning provides more cleaning power against lower physical effort. "Very sensitive, literally feeling, and more consciously cleaning. With Rekola we enable people to get rid of their RSI complaints in most of the cases", according to Jan.


The Rekola system is now practically experienced and well accepted by thousands of users. Nordic Cleaning is expanding successfully and is looking for more partner wholesalers in Belgium and in the Netherlands. Dealers are fully supported with, among other things, introductions and sales support. "We help our dealers search for truly innovative solutions. With calculation tools we can compare the advantages of Rekola with existing product lines or competitors. We offer clear added value by thinking about how to facilitate processes and make employees physically healthier. "We are looking for added value and quality for the customer; personal value instead of price fighting only".

Tekst en foto: Sandra Bonestroo | SB Consaletancy

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