Rekola Reflex Ultra-Microfiber cloths

Microfiber products are already for years used in the professional cleaning industry. Their superior cleaning performance compared with e.g. cotton goes beyond doubt. But even though Microfiber products have been available for decades, their share in the worldwide cleaning industry is still very marginal

Also the knowledge of Microfibers in our cleaning industry is still limited. We talk about Microfiber mops and cloths even without really knowing what their composition is.

Microfiber is used in combination with words like decitex, denier, ultra, split and blend. Microfiber is a plastic compound, processed to different thickness of yarns. The thickness of the yarn/filament and material define if we have just normal yarn, Microfiber or Ultra-Microfiber (UMF).

Ultra-Microfiber is a two component yarn that is split after weaving, during dyeing process. The filament of UMF is many times thinner than one component Microfiber and therefore cleaning is better and safer.

100% UMF for damp floor cleaning cannot be applied to flat-mops as it would cause too much drag.

For that reason Microfiber mops are often made out of one component microfiber, or made of blended textiles such as Polyester yarn and Microfiber or Polyester and a minor share of Ultra-Microfiber.

All Reflex hand cloths and pads PLUS all Reflex cloths for damp floor cleaning are made from 100% Ultra-Microfiber. This is only possible in combination with the Reflex floor cleaning tool and has a direct impact on the result of floor cleaning.

Why is this possible?

Our squeegee is 50 cm; however the sharp rubber blade touching the top of the cloth is less than 1 mm thick.  The downward pressure “cleaning edge” is 80 to 120 higher but at the same time the generated drag is a. 50 times less compared to flat mops, when used with same damp UMF material.

That makes the two products a winning team when it comes down to removing small dust particles, proteins, bacteria and spores. The woven pockets on our cloths pick up the larger particles; even they are less of a health threat, they are commonly the trigger for the visible experience that the area has to be cleaned.

Our hand cloths are lighter and smaller than floor cloths but made of the same UMF and pocket structure.

Our Reflex Ultra Microfiber cloths carry Swan Nordic Ecolabel, which indicate their sustainability and quality. According independent tests (Weber & Leucht) Ultra Microfiber cloths remove 99,9% of bacteria from a surface.

With our Reflex concept, this excellent quality is also available for cleaning your floors.

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